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I know that you want to build your Personal Brand and develop your professional presence. It’s not always easy to meet up with people in person.

In our virtual world today, people are working together around the globe more than we ever have in the past. A global workforce leads to many opportunities to attend online/virtual meetings.

But does it sometimes feel like it’s hard to build your Personal Brand because there is a screen between you and other people? There has got to be better ways to manage your reputation when there is a screen between you and other people!

First of all, let’s explore what the virtual meetings could be.

Virtual meetings could include events such as:

Meeting 1:1 with your peers at work. These could be actual in-person meetings, but more than likely you’re meeting online using a tool like Zoom or Team
Industry conference. These are annual conferences where professional gather from various places to learn from speakers and network.
Interviewing a candidate to join your company. Using an online meeting tool like Zoom to interview a candidate to join your company.
Interviewing for a new job yourself. Perhaps you’re considering joining another company, be ready for online interviews as part of the application process. In the global workplace of today, it’s possible you may never meet with your co-workers and/or boss in person!
✅ …and so much more!

Here are 3 ways to connect authentically with other people while attending virtual meetings.

  1. Explore things that show up in the background. Be curious – don’t interrogate – about interesting personal effects that are in someone’s workspace.
  2. Wear something that is interesting and unique that showcase your Personal Brand.
  3. Continue the conversation after meeting in the virtual meeting. Ongoing connection with people after a virtual conference is where the magic happens in your networking efforts!

Watch this video where I expand on these 3 ways to build your Personal Brand while attending virtual meetings. These ideas will help you to build your personal brand while attending virtual meetings!

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