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Thank you for joining me for the BYU Women In Business Webinar! It is a joy to help women develop the career that they want – when they want it. As a SAHM mom, I know your time is crazy busy, so I hope that you got lots of good information from the webinar to help you as you look to re-launch your professional career.

If you missed the live webinar about “Re-launching Your Professional Career: What You Should Know Before Going Back to Work“, click to watch the replay. The slides can be found here.

On the webinar, I referenced a few resources for additional information:

  • For salary information, great resources include: or
  • If we haven’t already connected on LinkedIn, please send me an invite.
  • Business cards can be easily designed and purchased from I use this company for most of my printing because the service is easy and the prices are reasonable.

If you want more information, I have free career tips where I share techniques and tricks about what you can do to build your career as a SAHM. Sign up here for the career tips.