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Welcome to March. Welcome to the month of luck. Hey, I want to talk to you for a minute about, you know that guy that keeps getting promoted. And you’re like, “What? Why did he get promoted? He’s like a schlub. He’s not even getting his work done. How did he get the promotion?” This is the stuff that goes through your mind sometimes. And you’re just like, how? This isn’t even possible? How is it that he’s so lucky? I’m over here working my guts out.

Well, the reason why I want to talk about luck is because sometimes people are like, how did they get that promotion? Like, what’s the deal? So, here’s the thing. Sometimes people get promoted, because it is flat out luck, right? They just happened to be at the right place, at the right time, the right person saw the right thing. And you might be thinking that’s just not fair. Well, here’s the thing. Things aren’t always fair in corporate America, my friends. And if you’re expecting things to always be fair, you’re going to continue to struggle with feeling like other people are lucky and you’re not. So, my suggestion for you is, don’t focus on things being fair. Instead, think what can I do to make sure that I’m being a superstar as well? What can I do to make sure that I’m standing out? Those are the things that you can do for yourself. So, instead of questioning your co-worker’s luck and being ticked off about it, look and notice for yourself, okay, here’s what’s going on, right? And then seek to make sure that you position yourself in a better way.

If you need more help with that, get in touch with me here. But let’s talk as there are things that you can do for yourself so that you can build an awesome career so that you get noticed and be the lucky one getting those promotions.

Alright my friends. I will see you next time to your successful career.