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When you’re on-boarding new employees, it’s really important to think about what’s important to them and starting a new job. Sure I understand that you have a lot going on with the business and that you have certain things that you want to accomplish with the on-boarding process. But make sure that you think about the new person and how you can help that transition to be as smooth as possible.
Have conversations to find out what current employees think of the on-boarding processA great way to find out what people need from you during the on-boarding process is too talk with the people who were hired within the last 6 to 12 months. They will be your most valuable experts on how their experience was with their on-boarding.
For those employees who have been with the company for a long time, they have likely forgotten about what happened during our own on-boarding experience and won’t be a good source of information. They may have some thoughts about what to do, but remember that their on-boarding experience is probably too far removed. Plus, what the company does and offers to new employees is likely different from when they were on-boarded anyhow.
Below are some questions that you can ask those recent hires to help you improve your on-boarding process:
1. What was your experience with on-boarding process here at the company?
2. What did you like the most about the on-boarding experience?
3. What did you like the least about your on-boarding experience?
4. How would you recommend that we improve the on-boarding experience?

The whole point of having an effective on-boarding experience is to help the new employees have the best start for their new job with you. Hopefully you are excited to have them start, and that they are excited as well.

What do you like the best about your company’s on-boarding process?