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Right now.

What are you focusing on?

What has your attention?

What is kicking around that mind of yours?

What keeps showing up in your mind that wants to get done?



Right now.

What do WANT to focus on?

What do you WANT to give your attention to?

What do you WANT to spend your mind time on?

What do you WANT?


If your career is messy. If you’re having a hard time focusing on what you want to direct your attention toward, then let’s talk. I’m available for one-off coaching sessions to help you know what you want to do with your career and I can help you focus on the key activities to help you get there. Use this link to pay for the coaching session (only $97!!) and then you pick a time on my coaching calendar that works for your schedule.

I look forward to helping you find focus and keep the focus so that you can accomplish your career goals in 2018. Talk soon!