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It seems like every time I wear bright jewel tone colors, people warm up to me even more. I’m already very approachable and it’s common to have people tell me that I have “a sunny disposition and light up the room”. Because I know people feel even more comfortable with me when I wear vibrant colors, I aim to wear them regularly.

2bab8e0c1f03b15737f0266859542309In fact, just two days ago I was commuting on the train wearing my bright red trench coat and one of the women I often see complimented me on how good I look in red.

Pay attention to the colors that earn you compliments and wear those to help project your personal brand outward. It’s not all about getting compliments (although I certainly love giving and receiving thoughtful compliments), rather the right colors will help you stand out and connect better with people. When they connect with you better, think of how much stronger your relationships can be.

What color garners the most compliments about when you wear it? Wear that one more!