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Understanding DEI and Colorism – Part One


Two girls in the same family. Same parents, born 2 years apart. One has darker skin than the other. The one with fairer skin is treated differently than her darker skinned sister.

Why is this happening?

This is called colorism. It’s real and it’s happening in our families, in our school rooms, in our communities, and in the workplace.

Join me and guest expert Dr. Sarah L. Webb as she helps us to understand more about DEI and colorism.

As a leader, it’s important that you understand what DEI is and how colorism plays its part in the diversity, equality and inclusion conversation.

In Part One of this 2-part podcast, we cover the following:

* What colorism is and an example of it
* What DEI is and how colorism plays into it.
* How the term colorism is raising awareness
* And some of the ways organizations are struggling with this issue

Bio on Dr. Sarah L. Webb:

Dr. Sarah L. Webb is the founder of Colorism Healing, a global leader in raising awareness, shifting attitudes, and taking action to address colorism with corporate, consumer, and community strategies. For more information and to connect with Dr. Webb, please go to

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