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I think Twitter is a fun, crazy mess! Once I heard someone say: “Facebook is the backyard BBQ, LinkedIn is the board room, and Twitter is happy hour!”. That is so true! Twitter is loud, lots of people crammed into a small space, you can only hear bits and pieces of conversations, and there are a variety of topics discussed within close earshot.


So, which group of people do you join on Twitter? My recommendation would be to only follow those groups that are relevant to what’s important right now. Otherwise, you get overwhelmed with too much information at once.

Action items to purge your Twitter feed:

  1. Review your Twitter feed to look for anyone who doesn’t resonate with you today.
  2. Unfollow people who don’t add to your life right now.
  3. If there’s a topic that is of interest, search for those keywords and find new people to follow who are providing helpful content.
  4. Put a reminder on your calendar to regularly review your Twitter feed (perhaps quarterly?).

You can always go back and follow people again, so don’t worry about possibly offending someone when you unfollow them. If they’re not helpful in your life today, why waste time and energy unnecessarily?