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The late great Zig Ziglar is noted for saying, “Turn your car into a university.”

I love the idea of using time wisely and getting the most out of my day. So, I often listen to audio books while traveling in my car. There’s actually a lot of time spent in the car, so it’s a great way to invest in my education.

I really can’t stand to listen to all the “downer” news anyhow… You know, the incessant noise about what’s wrong in our world. In fact, the other day I had the rare opportunity to commute with my husband. He wanted to listen to the morning news for the weather and traffic update while we were driving into the city. After the traffic update, the news was then filled with story after story of how people have hurt themselves or others. Death, unethical behavior, money fraud, etc. It was hard for me to listen to all that terrible news! I could only handle it for about 5 minutes before turning it off and chatting with my main man.

In fact, I had an idea that I’d love to start a radio station that only covers good news. I know there is a lot of good news going on, so I think it’d be easy to fill the station with positive, uplifting and encouraging stories. (Being an entrepreneur, I’m always coming up with other great ideas!) For now, I’ll have to wait on starting another business.

But, what I can do is listen to helpful and educational information while I travel via car. I love to listen to audio books about leadership, self-help, biographies, money planning, etc. There are many helpful books out there!

I really find that investing in myself makes me more valuable as a business leader and leader in the community. I have learned a lot through listening to audio books… And the reality is that if I waited to actually sit down and read the book, it probably wouldn’t happen. So, listening still gives me a lot to think about and implement in my life.

The bonus is that I’m using my drive time wisely and investing in my education!

What do you do to regularly invest in your education?