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When it’s the beginning of a new year – or even the beginning of a new month – I take time to do a brain dump and get as much stuff out of my head onto one huge “Master To Do List”.
I prefer to write it down or use EverNote to capture the info digitally. Which way you decide to compile your list, get all that info out of your head! Trying to remember doesn’t work. No matter how smart you think you are, or how amazing you think your memory is, you will drive yourself nuts trying to remember it all. So do yourself a favor and create the list. Doing so will help you to accomplish what’s most important.checklist-1295319_1280


When you’re compiling your Master To Do List, here are a few ways that will help you to organize the information:
1. Use different lists for different areas of your life. Everything you want to accomplish in your house would be a separate note from what you want to accomplish in the yard.
2. Don’t over think what you’re writing down. Just get it out of your head and don’t worry about editing as you’re going along.
3.  Color coordinate if helpful to you. I like to use highlighters or different color pens to combine tasks for different projects.


No matter how you use a Master To Do List, just use it! Get that info out of your head so you can move on to accomplishing those tasks and reach your goals!