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Time management for new leaders is somewhat like finding a purple squirrel. But sticking with it, you can definitely develop in your time management skills… just don’t expect to be a time management wiz overnight! You didn’t become a manager overnight, so be patient with the process.clock-650753_1920

Here are 3 ways to help you start managing your time more effectively today:

  1. When managing your time, it’s first important to know how you’re actually using your time. Print off your Outlook calendar and keep handy to note how you’re actually spending your time. At the end of the week, you’ll likely see inconsistencies with what you planned to do versus what actually happened.
  1. Time blocking is a great way to stay on task and get a lot done on one project. Determine blocks of time – usually one or two hours at a time – for focusing on one type of work. Perhaps you have contracts to review, instead of sprinkling those throughout the day, set aside 2 hours to laser focus on just contract reviews. You’ll find you get more work done of you have one main focus.

Pro Tip: Turn off email alerts so you don’t get distracted during time blocks.

  1. Set aside time each month to meet with each team member. Meeting with your team members is really important for developing relationships with them. It’s best to set recurring calendar reminders for both of you so that the time is set and protected from all other noise of the day.

Start using those techniques and you’ll notice a smoother day right away! How else are you managing your time effectively? Join the conversation in the comments below – thanks!