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I know it’s summer and it feels like it should be play time the whole summer long! I love so much about summer:

  • Lemonade
  • BBQs with friends
  • Pool time
  • Camping
  • Gardening

I bet you can add to that list with loads of fun things too!

Here’s an idea for something to add to the list of summertime fun: CAREER DEVELOPMENT.

What?! What on earth I am thinking?? Well, what I’m thinking is why not include people from our work life in with the fun of summer? 

Why not invite some coworkers over for a BBQ?

Why not plan a pool party with interesting people from professional networking groups? Usuall you’re in suits, but maybe it’ll be fun to have a casual day by the pool with beverages and BBQ?

I acutally quite enjoy the career development opportunities that come during the easy days of summer. For more ideas about summertime career development, check out this episode of Career Central – The Podcast