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Reducing Stress before it Becomes Chronic

Reduce stress by doing breathing exercises

Reduce stress by doing breathing exercises

You can feel it coming over your body… your muscles tighten up, your breathing quickens because it’s hard to take a deep breath.

You start to sweat more. A dry mouth sets in and it’s hard to swallow.

Your brain is screaming at you to run, but you just sit there in your office chair and can’t seem to move.

These are all signs of stress.

There is a lot about stress that is very real and is very much impacting you seriously as a leader, both physically and mentally.

Join me and guest expert Shlomit Tass as she helps us to understand more about chronic stress. You can find the interview on LinkedIn here, or on YouTube here.

Bio on Shlomit Tassa:

Shlomit Tassa was a corporate manager with frequent flyer status and an expense account. It was fun and exciting at first. But over the years, with 3 kids and aging parents added to the mix, it became overwhelming and exhausting. Following her own burnout experience, Shlomit now coaches ambitious leaders on how to avoid or recover from overwhelm and chronic stress. Today she combines work, eye rolling teens, and being a primary caregiver, with yoga, museums and travel (preferably with friends!) It requires focus and intent, but it is no longer overwhelming. She’d love to help you do the same! You can find her on LinkedIn.

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