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Have you ever looked at a business card that has too much information printed on it? It drives me nuts when I see a business card that has address, phone number, fax number, cell number, websites, information about the company products and/or services, the company logo, etc. Then add on top of all that contact information, a bunch of social media links?! You can quickly see that the business card will be way too busy and too complicated to read.

If you are going to include your social media links, I recommend that you include those links that are most important for the people who are typically getting your business card and going to the sites. If people aren’t typically going to your social media links from your business card, then don’t include them… we already agree that business cards are busy enough.

jeans-1302269_1920When you’re personalizing your business card, make sure to only include the social media profiles that are most important for your network. It is possible that you have presence on many social media sites, but not all are most applicable to people who are interested in you and your company.

For example, I’m on Pinterest, but rarely use it because most of my clients aren’t looking for career coaching and team building on Pinterest. They’re looking for recipes, DIY crafts, etc. So, I don’t add Pinterest to my business card – it’s unnecessary for my clients and network, therefore not needed on my business card.

For companies, including social media info on your employees’ business cards could be helpful. But, again I only recommend including social media for your company that people would go to from a business card. Otherwise, drive them to your website and then link out to applicable social sites.