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If you haven’t been able to tell, I’m all about simplifying, simplifying, simplifying.  And the Career Central – The Podcast, I recently talked about ways in which you can simplify networking. 

Now, I know what you must be thinking, I have a million and one things to do and now you want me to add another – networking.  But just think how many people in your life helped you get to where you are today whether in your personal and/or professional life.  You know that person of reason, compassion, love, etc.  That’s the power of networking.  And believe it or not, it’s something that we all naturally do. Of course, today networking is a bit challenging with the pandemic as we can’t meet up in person to grab a quick lunch or visit each other in our homes.  However, in order to grow professionally, you need to network with people inside and outside of your company. 

In order to make things simple, I wanted to share some key ways to simplifying your network. 

  • Need to know your personal brand.  If you listened to my career planning podcast, then you heard me mentioned this.  If you don’t know what your personal brand is, then do not bother to network. 
  • Be intentional and comfortable about why you are networking.  To help you with this, check in with God and ask what His ideas for you are and be intentional in your heart. 
  • Have one main goal for networking.  For example, you can schedule a meet up once a month.  If you’re able to do that, then by the end of the year you would have had 12 meaningful conversations.  
  • Put it in your calendar so that the time is set aside for it. 
  • Keep in mind, when I say networking, I do not mean the networking you do via LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.  I’m talking about a person-to-person conversation that you would do over the phone or via Zoom. 
  • If you feel prompted to do something like picking up the phone to call someone you have spoken to in a while, then just do it.  There may be a reason why you’re being prompted to do and something good might come out of it. 

So, remember keep networking simple – the right people will come onto your path at the right time. I promise you it happens all the time. 

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 Below is the transcript for this podcast episode: 


[00:00:00] So on today’s episode of curse central, I want to talk to you about some thoughts I’m having about simplifying your networking. So here’s the thing. Simplifying is like a big deal to me, right? Like I want to have this in so many ways because. I totally get what’s happening right here. We are. We are these busy working moms and we’ve got a ton going on, right?  


[00:00:31] Like there’s just a lot that’s happening just constantly happening. So if we know that there’s a lot going on and yet our careers are something that are very satisfying to us, then can we just be honest about the fact that. We need to make sure that we’re getting networking in. Right. And yet let’s do it in a simple way.  


[00:00:59] Yes. [00:01:00] Doesn’t that just sound so good. Your heart, right? Like things simplified, huh? Thank you. Thank you, Lord. That sounds so good to me, for sure. So I want to share with you a scripture here. Matthew eight 20 says Jesus said unto him, the foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests, but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head and.  


[00:01:23] I just think about that, right? Like Jesus, when he was really like getting ready to start his ministry and gear it up, he didn’t have a house. He did not have somewhere where he’s like, okay, people come over to my house and we’re going to hang out and, or here’s my church building or anything. No, he just, the world was his house.  


[00:01:44] Right. Like he created all of this. And so he’s saying, Hey, yeah, I know I got, I don’t have anywhere that I lay my head and everything that I need. It just comes to me right when I need it. And I just love that thought. And [00:02:00] how do we that apply that to ourselves right here. We are managing our careers.  


[00:02:05] We’re managing our households. Um, we’re managing stuff in our communities of we’re involved in our church congregation or something going on in the community. Like, you know, it could be anything, right? There’s just a million things that you could have going on. And yet, sometimes we feel like, Oh, I, how am I going to network?  


[00:02:23] How do, how do I make this happen? How do Y fit in networking when I’m so busy with all of these other things? Well, let’s take a page from Jesus’s book, right? Like. Why why not look to simplify things so that we then can have more time for networking and connecting with people. And I just heard this big, massive eye-roll out there for Molly’s women who are listening to this right now, who are saying, are you kidding me, Jen?  


[00:02:52] Come on. Like, I’m trying to get things off my list. I don’t want to put something like networking on my list. [00:03:00] This isn’t, this isn’t going to help me simplify. But listen to me for just a minute. Let me just share this idea with you. Stop and think for a second, and think of how many people have been in your life who helped you to get to where you are right now?  


[00:03:19] Okay. Those people, maybe in high school that encouraged you and shepherd you toward going to college or towards a certain profession. And getting training. And then if you went to college or vocational school or whatever it is, the people who helped you there, right? The professors, the teachers, et cetera, who helped to guide you and to lead you.  


[00:03:45] Or how about your family members who’ve loved on you and have supported you maybe in your current household or the household that you grew up in, or the households that you didn’t grow up in, but you spent time in, like, I think about the [00:04:00] amazing, amazing people in my life who supported me. While I was growing up, my parents were a hot mess and I had awesome people from the church that I used to go to when I was in high school.  


[00:04:13] And also my, my friends households, my friends themselves, as well as their parents. I know my brother and I, he and I have had conversations about the people. Who’ve made a huge difference in his life. And he’s strives to be that kind of guy. Now he’s a little girls, they’re like elementary age. So he, um, You know, he’s not there friends aren’t coming over necessarily, but he fully anticipates that.  


[00:04:35] And he’s like, I want to be that safe house for my daughter’s teenage friends, just like I had safe houses that I could go to safe houses, meaning places where you could just relax and you could get a good meal and he could hang out. You don’t have to worry about the stress of things. And so. So let’s just like kind of a little, little piece right.  


[00:04:55] Of our lives that we can stop. And we can think about those people who made a difference in our [00:05:00] lives, or let’s talk about what’s going on in your work, right? Like the work that you’re doing, likely you’re not working alone, like there’s somebody on your team, you may have had a boss in the past who really helped you in some cool ways and maybe help to break down some barriers so that you could progress and grow within the company or, or whatever it is.  


[00:05:17] Right. So there have been people in your life who. Have made a difference. And so when you know that you, when you remind yourself of how those people helped you so much, how they just sink in with you and where you were at in your life, and they were that voice of reason, or they were that voice of love and concern and compassion, whatever it was that you needed at that time, then how awesome is that to think about.  


[00:05:43] You know, could you be that for somebody else, right. Or who were the other people that could be potentially coming into your life that can make a difference today. And so that’s why I am constantly telling people, if you want to grow professionally network network with the people inside your [00:06:00] company, network, work network with the people outside of your company too, and enjoy it.  


[00:06:07] Right. Enjoy. Connecting with people. And while you might be thinking, there’s no way as a kid, that I knew that that was called network. Okay. Which is exactly right. Okay. So here’s one thing about simplifying. Networking is recognizing that networking, like the word networking in and of itself is something that we all do.  


[00:06:27] It’s very much built into living in a society, right. In a community, which is why I kind of feel like things that are going on. Excuse me, with the pandemic. Make it hard for us to do that natural thing that we do that give and take that exchange, that interchange, that connectedness that we have with other people that it’s harder because we’re being told by government and medical people or whatever who were saying, don’t spend time together.  


[00:06:56] You need to stay segregated and. Separate [00:07:00] and don’t go into somebody else’s house. And so we’re missing out on that stuff or we’re missing out being together in the world  


[00:07:10] or missing outgoing and having dinner together with friends or with like a lunch appointment, right. With somebody from your network or going to networking events that are related to your industry or your trade or. Going to conferences or workshops or any of those things. We’re so starved for wanting to have that human to human connection.  


[00:07:34] Right. Do you feel it. Oh, I feel it so much. I’m like, Oh, where I’m at people and yeah, I can jump on zoom. And in fact, I just facilitated something like that yesterday for, it was kind of like a holiday networking thing and it was a blast. We had a great time and it was fun. There’s just nine of us that were on it.  


[00:07:54] And we had a lovely time and some of the people I’d never known before and other people I’ve known them for years, but it was wonderful. [00:08:00] The opportunity to connect and get to know each other a little bit. And it was really good. What would have been better? Sure. Getting together at a restaurant we’re in silly Christmas sweaters and given hugs and having fun.  


[00:08:11] Sure. That would have been a blast, but that’s not the reality of what we’re doing right now. So you can still. See through all of the crazy that’s going on in the world, the power of networking and making that a priority so that you can have good in your life. It can absolutely absolutely come together.  


[00:08:32] So when I’m talking about simplifying. You’re networking. I want to get into a couple of key things here, because first of all, let’s just, again, talk about for just a second, that as a working Christian mom, you’ve got a lot going on. You’ve got a lot going on inside your household for work, et cetera. I get it 100%.  


[00:08:51] And you know that your career brings a certain amount of satisfaction. That is completely unique. From [00:09:00] other areas of your life, right. It’s different from your role as wife or mom or church deffer doing et cetera. Okay. So if we want to get networking in. Well, we need to make sure that we’re keeping it simple so that we can actually accomplish this.  


[00:09:14] So in a previous episode here of career central, I talked about simplifying your career planning. If you haven’t listened to that episode, make sure you listen to it as well. It will really dovetail really nicely with this idea of simplifying your networking too. So just kind of a little, heads-up take a look at that particular episode again, that one was about simplifying your career planning and then.  


[00:09:36] Um, when you’re simplifying your networking, you need to know your personal brand. So if you don’t have that nailed down, get in touch there’s ways they can help you get your personal brand figured out, because if you don’t have that part figured out, then don’t network. Ladies just, don’t just don’t do it.  


[00:09:50] You need to know your personal brand first, because then it’s gonna make a difference for everything else. I, 1000% promise you, it will, for sure. So know your personal brand and [00:10:00] then be intentional. And comfortable with why you’re networking and sometimes to help you to be intentional and comfortable with it, you need check in with God and ask him what’s his ideas that he has for you to help you with networking.  


[00:10:16] Right. And then also just be intentional in your heart of saying, okay, Why am I networking? Right? Like if you’re being mammy, the army, whatever about it, right. Where you just, you’re trying to find a job. And you’re like, well, haven’t talked to anybody in 12 years, I got to find a job. And everybody says, I got a network in order to find a job the best time to start networking with that kind of intention.  


[00:10:34] Right. Instead of stop and think, okay. My intention is to connect with people I haven’t talked to in a long time and just see where this goes. Right. And come from that place of just chill out and relax. Okay. And then to keep it furthermore, to keep it simple, just have one main goal for networking. So you could just say something like my main goal is to have one networking conversation a month for the, for this next 12 months.  


[00:10:59] Just one. [00:11:00] I’m sure you can find one lunchtime. We can do a zoom call or one evening or one breakfast time or one Saturday in the middle of the day where your husband takes the kids and then go to the grocery store and you stay home and do a zoom meeting or something. Right. So just so you can do something like that, really simple, but then you get to the end of the year and you’ve had 12 really helpful conversations, way powerful.  


[00:11:19] And that’s a simple, easy way to simplify your networking. Okay. And then, um, I would suggest that to keep it simple, put it on your calendar, because if you don’t put it on your calendar and it doesn’t happen. And then all of a sudden you get that crush and that crazy and that chaotic feeling, that makes it feel like networking’s not simple because it feels chaotic and overwhelming and anxiety ridden and all that.  


[00:11:42] So to avoid that, just get it on your calendar. So you’ve got that time set aside and. And then have those calls, make those reach outs, et cetera. By the way, when I’m talking about simplifying your network, I’m really talking about like the person to person like conversation, right? I’m not talking about networking on [00:12:00] LinkedIn or Facebook or something like that.  


[00:12:01] I’m talking to actual have a conversation with somebody. And so get on your calendar. So make sure it’s there. And then through all of this, if you’re feeling prompted to do something, just do it sometimes you’re gonna be like, why has God prompting me to reach out to that person I haven’t talked to in 12 years?  


[00:12:17] Well, maybe there’s something that person has in their life that you could be helpful for them. They could be helpful for you, who knows what’s going to happen. So instead of overthinking it. And being logical about, Oh no, I shouldn’t do it like this. I’m going to sound like an idiot. Like, no, just be honest and vulnerable.  


[00:12:33] Reach out to that person. Maybe reach out on LinkedIn. Facebook say, Hey, I haven’t talked to in 12 years and we need to end that now let’s schedule a time to get together. And so people will totally appreciate it. And then you’ll find out when you have those conversations. Exactly why you’re supposed to be reconnecting today.  


[00:12:50] It’s remarkable. So those are some things that can, you can do to really make your networking simplified. So it’s not super complicated and really. A lot of it [00:13:00] comes down to that intention that you have behind it and reminding yourself that networking and the people in your life have made a huge difference for you in your entire life.  


[00:13:08] So continue to keep people in your life and that’s going to make a difference for you, especially right now, or maybe you’re really meeting people because you’re not meeting with them. And. Person has much, right. So make that effort to have those phone calls to those zoom calls, et cetera. Texting’s okay.  


[00:13:23] But I really think phone calls and zoom calls are much more important. Cause you hear the, the, you know, the tone and different fluctuation in somebody’s voice and whatnot that you’re not going to catch via email or Facebook messenger or something like that. All right, ladies. So wrapping up, I’m going to share with you a quote from the 3:00 AM with God journal and this quote is pray, then let it go.   

[00:13:46] Don’t try and manipulate the outcome. Just trust God to open the right doors at the right time. He totally will. Okay, so just get on this networking thing. If you haven’t been doing it for a while, just go for it and [00:14:00] just know that the right people will come onto your path at the right time. I promise you it happens all the time.  


[00:14:06] Ladies, thank you so much for joining me on career central today. I’ve enjoyed sharing with you. Some thoughts about simplifying your networking and for more resources to help you with your career development. Come on over to career coach Thank you so much mamas and remembering networking can be simple.  


[00:14:23] And God wants that for you too. Just as much as I do. All right. Talk to you soon to your successful and inspired career.