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“This is a good one! It’s not too long, not too short. An easy read with some fun visuals. I would recommend, Call for Compassion to any small business (or large!) hoping to add positivity.”

I love getting 5-star reviews for Call for Compassion on Amazon because I love that the message of self-compassion and compassion for others is resonating with the readers.

In light of these kind of reviews, I’m also really aware of tough stuff that is going on in the world. Going on in our families. Going on in our work teams and in our communities.

In fact, in just the last week, I’ve heard about tough stuff going on for people about:

😥 People exiting toxic work environments
😥 Untimely death of a friend. Love you always, Heather Dumas.
😥 Medical healthcare workers navigating challenging circumstances in the workplace. Thank you for bringing this up, Jaiden Cole-Miskel MD.
😥 Uncertainty that happens with executive leaders stepping down.


Maybe we all just need a little bit more compassion for ourselves and for others.

In Call for Compassion, I explore several different ways for how to have more compassion for yourself as well as compassion for others. When got the prompting to write this book in May of 2021, I knew that compassion was important.

Today, though, I feel like we’re needing it more and more. In fact, in every conversation I have with people about Call for Compassion, they always say something about how we need more compassion. Perhaps this is why God asked me write the book.

Get your copy of Call for Compassion: Building Compassionate Leaders for Collaborative Workplaces on Amazon today. If you’re going through tough times, or know someone who is, I’m certain you’ll find some ideas in this book to help.