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Season Three of Today’s Top Leaders podcast

Today marks season three of my Today’s Top Leaders podcast. The podcast is the place for leaders in technology to get the leadership advice they need to become the tech leader everyone wants to work for. My geek approved guests will share tips, strategies and ideas to advance your tech career.  For more information on the podcast or to get in touch with me, Jen Anderson, go to

What to Expect for Season Three?

So for the season of the Today’s Top Leaders podcast, I’m excited to share that this year you can expect to receive MORE.  And what do I mean by that exactly?  Well, I mean more … :

🎯Guest interviews

🎯 Insights about what leaders need in order to make a difference for their teams to thrive

🎯 On mindset  i.e. how to take care of yourself first, before you take care of everyone else

🎯 Being all-in in your career

🎯 Relationship building with your people

🎯 Kindness and compassion woven throughout the topics. One of my favorite questions to ask guests is “How are you seeing compassion showing up at work?”

🎯 Building a successful career for not only you but for your people as well. You absolutely deserve it and so do your team!

Contributions are more than welcome from you as well.  So what leadership topics do you want to see covered on Today’s Top Leaders?  To listen to the full, “Welcome to Season Three Today’s Top Leaders” podcast episode, please click here.

For more information about how you can become the tech leader everyone wants to work for, go to