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Take a look at the picture above. I’ve had people ask me sometimes about the things that are on my office wall. And they’re like, “that’s really cool. Like, what do you got going on?” And, I’ve had other people who are like, “it needs to be totally blank, it just needs to be a simple wall, maybe just a tree or something like that, just needs to be totally simple and just focus on you.” And so, I wanted to talk a little bit about surrounding yourself with the things that you love and the things that bring joy to your heart in your workspace. Because I feel like that is something that is really important for basically how we’re living our lives, right?

So my mission today is to remind you how important it is to pay attention to what you’re surrounding yourself with, for your own workspace and encourage the people who are in your work circles to do the same. For me, as you can see in the picture, I have a lot of great artwork. Some of it is my original artwork, some of its artwork from other people, some of it is from travels that I’ve had to other countries, some of them are inspiring quotes and things that really lift me and bring a lot of joy to my heart. And so, I think that if you’re somebody that has stuff in your life that is important to you, then make it important enough to make it look pretty, right. You might look at my wall and say is that organized? LOL.  Well actually, it really is organized. It’s planned, thought out chaos, right? Maybe a little eclectic.   But it’s a good representation of things that mean a lot to me in my heart. And so instead of just having random just stuff, stop and think and say, okay, if I was to be displaying and showing people things about me, so that they know and understand who I am, (which, by the way, helps to perpetuate your brand), then stop and think about what’s in your space, and what are people seeing? And is that a good reflection of who you are and what you truly love and what you prioritize in your life?

So, I encourage you to look at that. And then also think about, okay, well, if this is the space that people are going to look at me, especially if you’re working remotely, so if you’re in lots of Zoom or Skype meetings, or something like that, I want you to think about, what is it that I want people to see. And the way how I like to think about it is that if I was working in an office and my coworkers are coming into my office, what would I want them to experience when they step into my space? Or if you have a cubicle, what do I want people to experience when they step into my space? Therefore, personalize it.  Allow it to be a reflection of those things that you love, and that bring enjoyment to your heart. Don’t hold that stuff back. Let people see who you are, and what’s important to you. Now, obviously, you may not be able to post everything in your life. But why not share a few things? A few things that could be conversation starters, because trust me, there’s stuff on my walls that are absolutely conversation starters. And so, in fact, if there’s something that you’re noticing that you’re wanting me to elaborate on drop me a note down in the comments section. But do this for yourself and don’t be afraid to show people what you love and what is bringing joy to your heart.

All right, if you need have any questions or need help with this stuff, please get in touch with me. You can reach me here, and I’d be happy to chat more about what you can do to personalize your space so it’s a good reflection of your personal brand.

Thanks so much.