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Be proud of how you’re leading your teams

Proud of the Veterans and leaders!

While you personally may not be a veteran of serving in wars, it’s still important to recognize those who have served in the military. What a huge sacrifice – and yet such an honor for them! I’ve talked to various veterans over the years and most of them are proud of how they served.

As a tech leader, I hope that you’re proud of how you’re serving your team, your company, your customers, your family and friends. If you aren’t proud of how you’re showing up as a leader, click here to get in touch and we’ll schedule a consult and discuss what can happen to help you become the leader that you want to be.

Connecting during the holidays

One way that you can be prouder of yourself is to plan ahead for holiday gifts. I recommend that you take a moment to think about how you want to connect with your people during the upcoming holiday season. I know that you’re probably gagging and thinking to yourself, “But it’s only Veteran’s Day! Why do I need to plan for the end of year holidays already??” I encourage you to think about it now because it’ll be here sooner than you think, and I don’t want you to get to the holidays and be upset that you didn’t put a little forethought into planning ahead of time.

To assist you with some holiday planning ideas, on this episode of Today’s Top Leaders I’m sharing my best advice for creating connections and giving holiday gifts that are in alignment with your personal brand. Listen in and find out how creating experiences, understanding personalities, and customization plays into your leadership brand and why a gift card may not be conveying the message you want.

Remember that if you’re ready to level up as a tech leader, let me know you want to talk and we’ll schedule a time for a consult.

Don’t forget to give some love to the veterans in your family and community today! And, if you are a Vet or have a Vet in your family, THANK YOU for your service!!