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Recently, I joined Lynn Coleman on her 🎙 podcast, “Conversations About Power”.

I am really very interested in compassion, but the way I came to the subject for Call for Compassion book is not what you’d expect.

I got an idea in the middle of the night that I was supposed to write a book about compassion.

So, I did.

During this podcast episode, we explore ideas about:

  • Compassion and why we need it.

  • What the pandemic has done to help us understand each other more and how we react to each other differently now.

  • Tapping into Heavenly power and using the resources around us.

  • Inklings and why we should listen to them.

  • This episode dives into whispers, hints, subtle signs and signals that we can choose to listen to.

🎙 Podcast information🎙

Conversations About Power with Lynn Coleman

Episode 28: The Power of Compassion with Jennifer Anderson

You can connect with Lynn Coleman on LinkedIn.

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