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Personal Brands of Famous People

One of the most common questions I get is: What is a personal brand anyhow?

I get it. The concept of a “personal” brand is still a bit new to many. It’s easy to understand the idea of a company having a brand, but each person has a brand as well.

To help explain what a personal brand is, watch the LinkedIn Live or listen to the podcast episode for an exploration of what I think the personal brands are for some of the most famous and influential people of all time. Historically famous people including:

🌟 Marilyn Monroe

🌟 Mother Teresa

🌟 Ben Franklin

🌟 Jesus…and more!

Yes, even Jesus. I share what I think the personal brand is for Jesus – who is reportedly THE MOST famous person of ALL time.

Does all this talk about personal brands have you thinking, “I need to know MY OWN personal brand!“???

Seriously, you need to know your personal brand in order to have the level of career satisfaction and success that you want.Β  Therefore if…

  • you’re planning to do a job search – or already doing the job search – stop! πŸ›‘
  • you’re attending a networking event, a conference, or any kind of event where you’re interacting in-person with other people – stop! πŸ›‘
  • you have an interview lined up – put them off for as long as you can! πŸ›‘
  • you have a 1:1 meeting with your boss coming up, reschedule it! πŸ›‘

Get in touch for a free consult to talk about how I can help you with determining YOUR personal brand.

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