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Personal Brand Highlight: Gurpreet Bal

Gurpreet Bal, Head of Enterprise & Solution Architecture at Guardian Life

It’s my distinct honor to see leaders and their teams grow through the coaching and training that we provide here at Moving Forward Solutions.

Recently I interviewed Gupreet Bal on Today’s Top Leaders. During the interview, Gurpreet shares how leveraging her personal brand makes a difference for her team as well as the tech community.  I think you will definitely find Gurpreet’s comments about being an effective leader to be insightful in many ways.



Bio of Gurpreet Bal:

Gurpreet Bal is the Head of Enterprise & Solution Architecture at Guardian Life. She’s responsible for serving the technology architecture and innovation needs for all business units across Guardian. Gurpreet has a passion for creating capabilities-based architecture, strategic technology roadmap and effective operating models.

Throughout her career, Gurpreet is known to be Elegantly Determined which therefore helps her serve her community by laying the foundation for future technologists via Npower, Girls-who-code, Power-to-fly, WIT and more. Currently, Gurpreet serves on the board for PRAB as Board member, private sector and is on the WIA (Women in Architecture) leadership and a thought leader at CAF (Chief Architect Forum).

In Part 1 of the podcast interview, we talked about:
* Leveraging your personal brand at work
* The importance of determination
*  What the idea of “capability exists within us” means

In Part Two of the interview, we discussed:
* Technology leadership,
* Some of challenges as it relates to the disconnect between technology and business counterparts
* The importance of human to human connection and communication.

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