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I. Was. Ticked.

Blatant refusal to call me back coupled with a dismissing email had me super upset. 

I lit up the keyboard like Mozart at the piano. Pounding away on those poor little keys to vent my frustration. Paragraphs of an eloquent monologue poured out of me about why the offender should respond to me. 

Then I sat up straight, took a deep breath, read over the email… And deleted it.

Then I responded back with “Ok.”

We did talk the following week. I voiced my concerns directly face-to-face. The situation was cleared up in less than 2-minute conversation. (As I thought would be the case if they would have just called me back in the first place.)

burning computer keyboard

Before you hit send, check your intentions, then proceed accordingly. Remember, when you send an email you cannot ever take it back.