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When Teams Over Deliver at the WRONG Time

Overdelivering with too many screws

Overdelivering with too many screws

Your teams are creating and doing a lot of work, but is it what is needed at the right time?  Are they in fact overdelivering at the Wrong time?

I ordered a shelving unit off Amazon that required “some” assembly. Yep, you know where this is headed, don’t you…

My husband and I laid out all the supplies on the living room floor, only to find that the screws were missing. Not just a couple, but ALL of the screws.

After an email to the company, a package of screws arrived about 2 weeks later.

The funny thing about the resupply is that they gave us TWICE as many screws as needed. I cringed as I thought about how it was so wasteful for them to send too many screws…

But then it hit me that they were doing their best to make good on a problem – that no screws were sent in the first place. This last ditch effort to wow us as a customer fell flat because we were faced with a pile of shelving supplies in the living room for two weeks.

In short, sending all those extra screws was not what we needed to be wowed. We needed the screws to be IN the box in the first place.

They were OVERdelivering at the wrong time.

I elaborated more on this concept of Overdelivering at the Wrong Time in this episode of Today’s Top Leaders Podcast.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this kind of overdelivering happen on teams in many corporations. And in the end, the team members are burned out, their customers (internal and external customers) aren’t having the wow experience that the team was going for in the first place.


Set Clear Goals


As you’re leading your team, make sure that they are clear on the goals and what the customer truly needs. Otherwise, you could be overdelivering at the wrong time… and end up with unhappy customers who have had to dance around a pile of lumber in the middle of their living room unnecessarily.

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