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Job Search Jump Start: Job Search Support for Laid Off Employees

Your Job Search Solution to Support the Employees you Have to Lay Off & Retain the Right Employees

Laying off employees is hard.
There is a lot to be concerned about:

  • These individuals used to work with you after all – and some of them for years.
  • Worried about the costs to use an outplacement service.
  • The managers who have to deliver the lay off bad news are already stressed out.
  • Finding a new job is extremely stressful for people.
  • The costs associated with former employees.
  • Retained employees are more anxious and concerned about their jobs too, not to mention more work.

It’s never easy to lay off employees, but we have solutions to help!

Job Search Jump Start Packages have different levels of job search coaching and/or training that will help your former employees in their job search in the following areas:

Resumes & Cover Letters



Personal Brand


Organized Job Search

Social Media

Offer Negotiation

Prepare for
New Role

… and MORE!

Your former employees will have the tools for a more successful job search… reducing the time to find a new job and moving forward with their careers.

Let’s Get Started with Job Search Jump Start Outplacement Services so you can help those you need to lay off and also support your retained employees to thrive after the lay off!

1. Click ‘Let’s Talk’ to schedule a lay-off assessment 

2. Decide which Outplacement Package makes sense

3. Smoothly start the Outplacement
& Retention process 

What Others Say About Us:

The Job Search Jump Start series is phenomenal! The comprehensive units really focus on all the details one needs to consider before, during, and in the process of landing that right fit job. The workbook provides invaluable tools to help organize your process. They pair nicely with each unit. For anyone looking to change jobs or just entering the job market, this program is a must!

Mary Jones, Human Resources Manager

Overall, the Job Search Jump Start program is a great setup and presentation.

All of the videos were very informative and to the point.

Kent Dixon, Application Analyst

Jennifer is what I call “the real deal.” She is a sought-after thought leader; her judgment is spot on, and her offering is cutting edge. I value her advice and her leadership at this critical time when personal branding and innovative ideas are so much in demand. Follow her counsel and be blessed!

David Goates, Opportunity Development Manager

As a career coach, Jennifer not only taught me key skills necessary to execute an effective job search, but she helped me realize what my core strengths were and how to use them as a guide to position myself for maximum satisfaction and success.

Paul Gardner, Development Specialist

Jen has a unique, powerful, and proven way of coaching professionals to the next level. She helps her clients identify their natural strengths and their passions, then shows them how to bring them to the forefront of their personal brand and career contributions. I highly recommend her work.

Travis Isaacson, Chief Marketing Officer

She was very thorough and direct, which is exactly what is needed when someone is considering switching careers. Jennifer gets straight to the point and asks tough questions that not only make you think but push people to action. She is insightful, knowledgeable and approachable which makes you immediately like and trust her.

Pam Baumeister, Artist