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There is a lot of discussion around the difference between hiring a man and woman. It seems like a lot of tech and engineering companies are worried about how attractive they are to women. Companies are talking more and more about the need for women in their technology development environments.

On-boarding women vs. menSo what does that mean for the on-boarding process in the company?

Should there really be a difference of how you on-board women vs men?

Is there really any difference between what a man and woman need at the beginning of new employment at your company?

I don’t think that there is a need to on-board men and women differently. Sure if it’s a totally different role in the company there will be different things that you will do to at the beginning of their job – like training specific to the position – but, there should not be anything different between on-boarding a woman or a man.

I have seen companies who on-board a new male team member with the induction into the good ole boys club – like taking him out for cocktails and strip clubs. But, this is pretty rare anymore.

When you’re on-boarding women or men, make sure that your policies and procedures are the same. Consistency eliminates confusing situations and also reduces legal situations.

As I’ve mentioned before, it may be helpful to interview your recent new hires to see if there are any ways to improve your on-boarding process. Make sure to interview both men and women so that you get feedback from a variety of sources.

How have you seen companies on-board women and men differently?