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January is National Mentoring Month – which is a nice reminder that we all benefit from being a mentor and receiving mentoring in our lives.

I bet you can think of profound moments where you have received – or given – mentoring advice that has made a difference in your life and career. I know that I have received mentoring many times over. Each conversation has helped me in meaningful ways.

So, my questions for you are:

  • How are you mentoring?
  • If you aren’t mentoring someone right now, what is holding you back?


Maybe you just need a few ideas to get you started with mentoring…

Mentoring someone in the workplace then read these pointers to help with workplace mentoring:

    1. Encourage a bottom-up mentoring model. This is where the employees pick who they want to mentor them.
    2. Add mentoring into your career development KPIs so that people actually do it.
    3. Have a process for continuous feedback.
    4. Don’t expect mentoring relationships to last forever.
    5. Keep it simple with low-key expectations and encourage the mentor-mentee relationships to flow naturally over time.

If you’re mentoring someone in your personal life, here are a few suggestions to help with mentoring in your family:

    1. Your children may well be best mentored by someone that is not directly related to them. Sorry, parents, but this is the truth.
    2. Talk about mentoring at the dinner table so that the family can discuss as a group and reduce the intensity of what mentoring might seem to be.
    3. Share how the word Mentor came to be through reviewing the story of Mentor in Homer’s Odyssey.

There are a lot of ways that you can mentor, and some ways are more impactful than others. But the most impactful way to mentor is simply to get started. You can always pivot later, as needed.

In light of National Mentoring Month, I love what Melissa Miller said in her review of Call for Compassion:

“Call for Compassion is a game-changer! This book beautifully weaves together a heartwarming fable with practical insights on fostering compassion in both personal and professional life. I was deeply inspired by Tom Anderson’s journey, which effortlessly teaches us the importance of compassion, communication, and collaboration. This book offers valuable lessons for nurturing compassion within ourselves and our teams. If you want to transform your workplace dynamics and enhance your relationships, this book is a must-read. Five stars for its impactful and insightful approach!” (Thanks, Mel! Appreciate your support of Call for Compassion 📘 💕)

I wanted to point out that I’m over here, soaking up all the goodness from people’s reviews about Call for Compassion. It’s not every day that you write a book and get a review that says the book is a MUST READ!!

Mentoring someone in the workplace and want to help them grow in their ability to be more compassionate at work, the Call for Compassion book will be a great tool.

If you’re mentoring someone in your personal life, the Call for Compassion book will help exemplify how compassion is important in the home and in the workplace.

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