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“Developing a career in software is to recognize that you’re going to have to find ways to find successes and celebrate them intrinsically.” – Nate Boden.

Nate Boden returns to discuss how tech leaders can focus on creating better collaborative environments by identifying the needs of individual team members. Jen Anderson, CEO of Moving Forward Solutions and Nate also explore how non-verbal communication has changed with virtual work environments and how vulnerable it is to a powerful leadership tool.

Are you creating a work environment that fosters collaboration? Find out how Nate Boden is leading his tech team through communication.  

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Nate Boden is the CTO at NICE CXone, where he leads a multinational enterprise R&D team that delivers an industry-leading Contact-Center-as-a-Service platform.

Nate has been leading and learning in technology since graduating from BYU in 2000. Nate is a self-described “process improvement guy” who doesn’t forget that people are the center of any business. With Nate, you can expect transparency, positive intent, and a resilient focus on meeting the most important goals.

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