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CEO Jen Anderson

 Leadership Coach. Trainer. Speaker.

I love working with the humans in teams. 

After working as a leadership consultant and trainer for over two decades, I noticed when teams are doing it right, there are many levels of impact:

  • Internal and external customers
  • Strong teams create camaraderie and collaborate in powerful ways.
  • Once people realize they are working with other dynamic and interesting humans, they turn away from blame or from wondering if they are doing a good job and that energy is spent on creating more seamless results.

There’s a reason my favorite question is, “What do you want to be known for?” Because when people know what they’re great at, everything changes and that change ripples through the teams and the products they create. 


After all of this, here’s why I do what I do:

  • When people know what they do best and how to leverage that, everyone wins.
  • Leadership starts from the inside out, not from the top-down. When we focus on every individual and not just the C-suite that’s when we see the biggest and sustainable change in an organization.
  • Fulfilled team members stems from knowing what makes them great and being able to use that to solve problems.
  • When you are allowed to be human, when you allow others to be human, then you can excel and work together to be greater than what you can achieve by yourself.

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