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For most engineers, on any given work day, there is likely too much to do. There are many demands on your time including, but definitely not limited to:

  • Team meetings
  • Meeting with your boss
  • Checking in with clients to give them project status updates
  • Answering questions for clients
  • Filling out travel expense report
  • Lunch
  • Reviewing engineering plans
  • Attending a networking meeting
  • Helping peers with projects
  • And more!

With so much to do in a day, how do you make sure to do what matters most to your career and employer?


The easiest way to manage your time to accomplish what matters most is to first identify what matters to you in your career. For example, if being known as an engineer who builds up junior level talent is what is most important to you then you’ll prioritize action items that allow you to connect with the newest team members. Each day, seek to complete 3 things that will help you accomplish important work that is also in line with growing your reputation.


Similarly to accomplishing what matters most in your career, you also need to be clear about what matters to your firm. If you don’t know the main goal of your firm, schedule a time to meet with the partner you report to and find out what is most critical. That information will help you to know where to focus your time for the firm to have success.


If you are nervous about how to have that conversation with the firm partner, I am available to help you prepare for that conversation. You can hire me for one-off coaching sessions by clicking here to pay and then you’ll be able to schedule a time for a private coaching session where I will help you prepare for a successful meeting with your boss.