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I’m writing this post after leaving a doctor’s appointment. I have a spot on my shoulder where the skin has been changing colors and getting itchy. Reflecting back on my childhood spent at the beach and pool, I thought I better check for skin cancer! Thankfully it’s just a mole and no worries for skin cancer. Phew! My husband and mom were equally relieved when I called them after the doctor’s appointment and delivered the good news.

I’m glad I made this dermatology appointment a priority. Finding time for a doctor’s appointment during a busy week day can be challenging, I totally get it! But now I have peace of mind and can get that burden off my mind and focus on other important things in my life.

Business sisters, please make the time to take care of yourself. There are many people who rely on us, so it’s important that we prioritize doctor appointments and self-care. If something should come up, we will know how we need to medically take care of ourselves.