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LUCKY to be a Leader

You are LUCKY to be a Leader


Even when things are really tough, stressful and overwhelming, I don’t want you to forget that you are 🍀 LUCKY to be a Leader!

We’re having some fun to celebrate St. Patty’s Day. We like to have a good time at Moving Forward Solutions – one of our company values is joy! Come along and join in the 2nd Annual LUCKY to be a Leader.  This is where I spell out 5 ways you are L.U.C.K.Y. to be in leadership in this day and age. As one of my clients recently said, “I really feel lucky to be in leadership. It’s an honor to have this stewardship!”

Check out the LUCKY to be a Leader LinkedIn Live I did yesterday, where I wore all the funniest St. Patty’s holiday swag… I sure love me some glittered glasses! 🤓 If podcast is more your jam, you can listen to the LUCKY to be a Leader podcast episode here.

We all know that the luck of the Irish comes out in full force for St. Patrick’s Day. So, let’s tap into that luck for you as a leader. Today, LUCKY is an acronym to help you see the wonderful opportunity it is to be in leadership.

L.U.C.K.Y. 🍀


L- Lean into the opportunity to be in leadership. When things are hard and others want to run away from the problem, you get the opportunity to go make a difference.

U – Understand others. As a leader, you get the opportunity to know more about the people that work for you than do co-workers. Therefore this puts you in a unique situation to show empathy and truly connect human-to-human in a much different way.

C- Career development for you. Our clients want to make a difference in the careers and lives of their employees, which is why they take advantage of the career development training in CareerMARKS. They love to see their employees thrive and we love to help their employees.

But, you also deserve to thrive as a leader. Therefore, don’t forget to get your training and coaching to help you as well. And here at Moving Forward Solutions, we can help YOU to enjoy your role as a leader as well! Be sure to get in touch so we can show you some great ways to help you become the leader that everyone wants to work for.

K – Keep things simple. Do as much as you can to simplify what your people are working on. First, determine if you’ve made things overcomplicated. This can be accomplished by conducting a check to see if you and your team know the vision and goals of the company. Once they’re clear on those goals, it’ll simplify what you work on in your team.

Y – Your mental health matters. Yes, your mental health matters too! I know that you want to take care of your people’s mental health (that stands true for your family and your employees), but please don’t lose yourself in the process.


Seek help, today


Recent research shows that 82% of leaders reported exhaustion indicative of burnout risk. 96% of those who report exhaustion indicate that their mental health has declined. If that’s true, then 8 out of 10 of you reading this blog post are at risk of burnout.

That’s NOT ok, people! If you know that you’re at a breaking point, then ask for some help. Seek out friends and family who are willing to help you today. Also look to put into place long term solutions that will help you to avoid that exhaustion you’re experiencing. Truly, your mental health matters… it matters A LOT.

Don’t lose sight that you’re 🍀 LUCKY to be in leadership. There is much good that can come from your efforts to be a strong leader at work and in your personal life. As you grow in your stewardship as a leader, you’ll make the impact you want to have and be the leader that everyone wants to work for. Go for it because you and your people are worth it!