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I was simply going to retweet this video clip of a tortoise helping another tortoise, but then as I got thinking about it there are some good lessons learned from these hard shelled little dudes:

  • Lesson #1 Be around when someone else needs you.
  • Lesson #2 Notice an opportunity to help another.
  • Lesson #3 Do something, rather than just pulling your head into your shell and walking by.
  • Lesson #4 Even if someone else could help them faster and easier, use your abilities.
  • Lesson #5 Assess the situation and see how you can best help.
  • Lesson #6 Keep helping until they are fully on their feet.
  • Lesson #7 Once on their feet, make sure they are okay and moving forward.
  • Lesson #8 Make sure that the help got them on the right path.

Pretty amazing how we can learn (and relearn) lessons from the animal kingdom on how to help each other. Goes to show that taking an opportunity to serve is a universal truth. 

Were there any other lessons you picked up? 

I encourage you to look for an opportunity today to serve another person and I bet you that you’ll feel pretty good afterward.