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Every one of us has tools that we use in our trade. No matter the line of work that you are in, there are tools that apply to your work. As the kids are heading back to school, this is a great opportunity for you to also think about how you want to further your education in your work.

Take a moment to think about all the different tools that you use to do your work. As an engineer, there are certainly computer applications, calculators, drafting tools, etc. that help you to accomplish what you need to accomplish at work. For example, is there a new version of CAD that you’ve been meaning to learn about? Or, maybe you have a high-level understanding of an estimating software tool that your firm uses. There are so many different tools that you use that it should be relatively easy for you to recognize if there any that you feel you need to learn more about.

Don’t worry about getting training for all the different tools at the same time, rather pick just one tool that you know you really should brush up on and create a plan to get more training for that tool specifically. No matter the tools of your trade, it’ll do you well to continue to educate yourself on what is needed for you to have success at work.

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