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“People long to be part of something; to be heard, to be listened to, and to be valued.” – John Gambill

John Gambill Jr. shares how his organization is focused on supporting their team through relationships and emotional support. Listen in as Jen Anderson  CEO of Moving Forward Solutions and John discuss why compassion should be part of who we are as leaders, how to assess what is important to each employee and how the tech industry has evolved over time.

As CEO and Co-founder of Lebanon Ohio-based GO Concepts, Inc., John Gambill Jr embraces his role as a visionary leader and understands the importance of supporting his team, just as much as the clients his company is fortunate to serve. The son of a social worker and fiscal clerk mother, and an auto mechanic and small business owning father, both with a long history of community involvement and working with youth organizations, John learned the value of hard work, dedication, and the importance of commitment to others at a young age.

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