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“Being resilient and having tenacity are key characteristics of a good character that’s likely to succeed in business.”– Jerry Rudisin

This week is Part 2 of my interview with Jerry Rudisin. Jerry returns to discuss how CEOs hire the right people for their organizations.

In Part 1, Jerry shared the valuable lessons he’s learned as the CEO of four startup companies and how those lessons can impact your future as a tech leader.

Jerry also discussed:

  • the importance of creating high trust teams
  • how to be an open leader
  • why it isn’t the CEO’s job to know everything.

Today in Part 2, Jerry and Jen Anderson CEO of Moving Forward Solutions, explores the four key things CEOs consider when hiring a new employee and how you can optimize yourself for a new role by being flexible and open to learning something new. 

We’ll also discuss the difference between a family and a team and how remote working has changed workplace culture, and the possibility of a hybrid model in the future. 

Listen here!

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