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When going through the interview process really important that you have a solid plan in place. Having a well organized interview process will make all the difference in the world who you’re hiring of the next best talent for your team.

Interview ChecklistWhen you’re performing interviews I encourage you to consider the following ideas that will help you to create a better interview process:

1. Be clear about why you need to fill the position.
2. Have a list of questions that you ask every candidate.
3. Have someone on the team who will be a point of contact to follow-up with the candidates through the interview process.
4. Arrive on time to the interview.
5. Dress appropriately for the interview.
6. Anyone who is interviewing the candidate should have a printed copy of the resume, read it before the interview and jot down notes of things you want to discuss.
7. Be clear about other openings in the company, the candidate may not be a fit for your position but may be great for another position.
8. Have benefits packet ready to share with candidates.
9. Have a plan to review each candidate immediately after the interview.
10. Check those references!

What is a way that you’ve improved your interviewing process?