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Regardless of your line of work, one thing is certain — as a leader, being energetic and quick to act and respond is essential. However, it’s equally essential to maintain a mindset that balances out intensity with gentleness. As Gandhi said — “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” And that need for a gentleness-infused mindset is precisely what we’ll talk about here today — both gentleness to yourself and to the others that report to you.

As a business leader, taking some time at the end of your day to review how you treated the people on your team and your clients is important — are there some aspects of that interaction that could have been gentler?

The gentleness you find in your heart will genuinely help you shake the world and make it a better place — which is what happens when we’re all just a bit more gentle in our daily lives. Through this process, you can become the leader that others want to work for.

If you want to become a leader that is more in touch with their teams, then get in touch, and let’s discuss some ways that I can help you to be the leader that everyone wants to work for.