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Thank you noteIf you want to make an impact on your career, send handwritten thank you notes.

Sounds pretty simple, but thank you notes are rarely done and will make an impact on how other people view you.

I received this thank you note from a woman who attended the training I gave about the “Three Things Successful Professionals Do”.

I was impressed that she took the time to write a note to thank me for my time. But, what was additionally interesting were her ideas on how she was going to apply the information she learned. She improved her reputation in my mind and likely did the same with other people too.

Here is how she improved her reputation in my mind with the thank you note:

  • She actually took the time to send a thank you note.
  • Personal touch as it was handwritten.
  • She wrote about what impressed her in training.
  • She spoke about what she was going to do with the information.
As you think about managing your reputation, there are many ways to make a positive impact. But, I’d like to encourage you to try sending a meaningful thank you note next time you want to impress someone.
How have you improved your reputation?
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