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On going education for professionals is really critical for overall career success. Often I hear of people who have graduated from college but then never again did anything to invest in their learning… unless the company put them through specific training.

I recommend that you invest in your own education and don’t wait for your manager to pay for it. If you’re choosing your own training and education, then you’ll be in control of your own career. If you wait for your employer to pay for the training, it may be too little and too late. Not to mention that if you let them decide what training you want, then you’re giving them the power to decide who you will become.

I recommend that you take a good look at your own education experiences to date. Answer the following questions:

  1. What degrees have I earned?
  2. What certifications have I studied for, but have not completed the test?
  3. What certifications do I currently have?
  4. What certification do I want to get? Why?
  5. What additional classes would be helpful for me to get past any professional hurdles (e.g.: courses in communication, leadership)?

As you do this self-evaluation, you may start to realize that you have a lot of opportunities to invest in your own education! I hope that you take that inspiration and DO something with it! Having a desire and doing nothing with that desire won’t get you very far. But, if you make a plan to take action on those goals and desires, you’ll get much further.

Jeff ThomsonTo help you with that inspiration, I’ve provided a link to listen to my conversation with Jeff Thomson. This was a great conversation where Jeff Thomson joined me on my radio show, Job Club Radio, to discuss “importance of professional certifications for career success“. Jeff shared some great insights about professional certifications and what they can do for your professional career!

Listen from your computer: Link to Job Club Radio episode featuring Jeff Thomson.

Information about Jeff Thomson: 
Jeff Thomson, CMA, is president and CEO of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA®), the world’s leading association for management accountants focused on driving business performance in the areas of decision support, planning and control. Promoted to the position in April 2008, Jeff is responsible for leading and directing IMA’s operations, programs, products, and services. Prior to joining IMA, Jeff worked at AT&T for more than 20 years, serving in various financial, strategic and operational roles. 

Take a moment and add to the conversation by commenting below. I’d love to know what you are going to do to invest in your professional education this year?