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I love the workplace memories and love how all those experiences have helped me to become a better woman.

I’ve worked with many cool and interesting people over the years! I can think of many positive experiences that have made an indelible mark on my heart. Those memories are cherished. 

What do I love the most? I love the coaching, the positive encouragement, the time spent getting to know me and helping me to know them, and so many more wonderful ways that people have helped and loved on me over the years. One particular memory stands out above the rest… 

As a recent college graduate, my boss took the opportunity to promote me to Assistant Manager. The retail store chain was expanding and growing quickly but there were few seasoned managers. One flagship store needed a new manager which led to another manager being pulled from a smaller store. With that opening, I was recommended for the manager job of the smaller store with only 4 months of Assistant Manager experience under my belt!Half Dome with Audie and friends

My boss, Audie, had been grooming me all along but never told me. He was simply helping me to grow and develop each day. He coached me on how to run a store, manage inventory, interact with customers, etc. He didn’t say, “You need to learn how to process returns because one day you’ll be a manager and you’ll need to know how to do this.” Rather he’d say “This is how you process returns. Let me know if you have any questions.”

He knew that one day I’d probably be tapped to move up. He just trained me. He did it because it was the right thing to do. Audie developed me because he saw something in me that I wasn’t aware of yet. He loved me and cared about me and wanted to see me succeed. 

Over 20 years later, he’s still my favorite manager of all time. Don’t get me wrong, I have others that I learned a lot from, but he’s still my fave. 

Thank you, Audie. I love you, in an HR appropriate way!