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How Tech Leaders Can Manage Stress

Leaders are experiencing a lot of stress. Recent research shows that 82% of leaders reported exhaustion indicative of burnout risk. 96% of those who report exhaustion indicate that their mental health has declined. If that’s true, then 8 out of 10 of you reading this are at risk of burnout.

I’ve coached 1000s of leaders over the years and have come to find that when leaders are stressed out, it’s likely related to being out of balance in one of the 5 main areas of life, including:

😟 Mentally

😟 Physically

😟 Spiritually

😟 Work/Finances

😟 Personal Relationships

In this episode of Today’s Top Leaders, I share with you some ideas for identifying where you may be out of balance.

In order to help you understand how you’re truly doing in the 5 areas, get your free 5 Pillars of Well-Balanced Life Self Evaluation. This free resource will help you identify where you’re struggling the most to have balance in your life.

Don’t lose sight that you’re πŸ€ LUCKY to be in leadership. So much good can come from your efforts to be a strong leader at work – and also in your personal life. Therefore, take advantage of the free 5 Pillars Self Evaluation so that you too can make the impact you want to have and be the leader that everyone wants to work for.

Do the work on yourself, because you and your people are worth it!