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It’s really tempting to have several goals because there are several areas in your life that need attention. I totally get it! Off the top of my head, I can think of several areas that I want to accomplish more in my life, including:
– Clean out the garage
– More services for my clients
– Healthy eating
– Fitness
– Mentoring relationship
– Personal relationship development
– Finances
– Home improvements
– Improved wardrobe
– Food storage
– Emergency supplies
– Family photo book for 2016
– Etc
– Etc
– Etc.


The list could go on-and-on for me. As much as I enjoy making lists to accomplish goals, too many goals on a list results in no goals getting accomplished.


The trick is to narrow down your list to one or two to focus on at any given time. Accomplish those and them move on to the next goals on your list.


I recommend that you spend some time alone thinking about what you want to accomplish in your life. Then look at your big list of goals and pick one that you must accomplish now. Focus whatever extra time and energy on accomplishing that one goal.


It will feel GREAT to have consistent movement on something and then feel FANTASTIC when you accomplish something on your goals list! Then move on to the next goal and zero-in your focus on that new goal. You’ll quick realize that focusing on just one goal at a time will actually help you to accomplish more over time.


Which one goal will you focus on?