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Turn gross bananas into banana bread

How Do You Make a Bad Employee Good?

🍌You know those horrible, over-ripe bananas on your kitchen counter?

😣You know those horrible, overly grumpy employees?

🍞Let’s turn those bananas into banana bread — and your bad employees into GREAT ones!

I was recently looking at a pile of really gross bananas sitting on my counter. Getting more wrinkled by the day. So gross, and yet just right for making the best banana bread. If you’re a baker, you know what I’m talking about… gross bananas = the BEST banana bread!

So, what does banana bread have to do with tech leadership?

Think about your grumpy employees who have been “sitting” around too long.  They seem to not be productive, but rather seem to “stink” up the place with their seemingly bad attitude and negative remarks.

The negativity of direct reports can really start to wear on you as a tech leader. But it is possible to turn them around and make a yummy banana bread out of the situation. Check out the recent Today Top Leaders Live for more about “The Banana Bread of Tech Leadership” and learn what you can do to make a bad employee into a good one!

Daughter approved banana bread

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Don’t put up with the stinky bananas on your team, let’s make some great banana bread instead. Please get in touch… just do it because your people are worth it.

OK, I’m hungry now. So, pass the butter 🧈, I need another slice of this yummy banana bread!