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Be the Tech Leader that Everyone Wants to Work For…

Because You and Your People Are Worth It.

Technology is all about innovative ways of solving your customer’s problems, but I don’t have to tell you that. You’re living it every day. 

Most organizations are trying to improve time management, communication, hiring and retention, and building a dynamic and resilient company culture through the outside in and from the top down.

But is that truly working?

Here’s are the signs that it’s not. Are you:

    • Having a hard time holding your team accountable?
    • Struggling with constantly moving targets?
    • Not retaining the talent you want, and the talent you do have isn’t as effective as you would like?
    • Experiencing a lack of collaboration with your individual contributors?

When these things are going on, this creates ongoing:

    • Confusing and frustration
    • Sloppy releases
    • Misaligned objectives
    • Exhausted people

After working with leaders and their teams for over 20 years, I discovered that we can change all of this when we address the core element head on, and that is through:  Personal Branding

What is a personal brand, and why does it work to solve big problems?

You and Your Team Become Unstoppable, and
You Become the Tech Leader Everyone Wants to Work For.

We do this in 3 Steps:

Book a Consult

Develop your customized training and coaching package for you and your team

You become the tech leader everyone wants to work for

Let’s Talk to get you on your way to clear communication, increased productivity, stronger team morale, better accountability, and efficient time management.

Because You and Your People are Worth It,

“The greatest value I have found in personal branding is the ability to coherently communicate what I bring to the table. The team management aspect followed fairly naturally, and while I did find benefit in the group team sessions I participated in, talking through with Jen the more situation-specific applications of my brand was even more helpful.”

Client Results

I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer right as I was transitioning into the CTO role at NICE inContact. She functioned as a leadership coach to my leadership team and I over a period of several months. I was very impressed with Jen’s coaching and mentoring skills and my whole leadership team appreciated the many things she taught us. Any organization would be lucky to have a leader of Jen’s caliber join their team.

Nate Boden

CTO, NiceinContact

Jen has a unique, powerful, and proven way of coaching professionals to the next level. She helps her clients identify their natural strengths and their passions, then shows them how to bring them to the forefront of their personal brand and career contributions. I highly recommend her work.

Travis Isaacson


Jennifer is what I call “the real deal.” She is a sought-after thought leader; her judgment is spot on, and her offering is cutting edge. I value her advice and her leadership at this critical time when personal branding and innovative ideas are so much in demand. Follow her counsel and be blessed!

David Goats

Oppurtunity Development Manager, Packsize International, LLC

Meet Jen

There’s a reason my favorite question is, “What do you want to be known for?”

When people know what they’re great at, everything changes and that change ripples through the teams and the products they create. 

Learn more about me here.