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Healthier Leaders Leading Healthier Teams

One of the things we’re doing with Today’s Top Leaders, is hosting guest experts who can add to your development as a leader. With consulting leaders for over 24 years, I have had many conversations with people whose health is not great. They know they need to do something about it to be healthy leaders, but not sure what. In my leadership work, I often encourage people to review how they are doing in their 5 Pillars of a Well-Balanced Life.

5 Pillars of Well-Balanced life include mental, physical, spiritual, work and personal relationships.Those pillars include:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Work satisfaction
  • Personal relationships

Through my coaching over 20+ years, I have talked to 1000s of leaders and so many of you want to physically feel better. Knowing how many of you are concerned about your health… you’re not feeling good, wanting to be more physically attractive, but mostly just wanting to have the energy to get through the day and still have something left in the tank to give your loved ones. Since I am not a personal trainer, I invited Heather Dumas, a personal trainer who has kicked my trash in the gym many times, to come talk about what busy leaders can do to take care of their physical health more.

What are the trends for leaders about their health and mindset:

  • Stress coming out of the pandemic.
  • Lack of boundaries with work and personal life blending together.
  • We’re always on the clock now – especially with more people working from home.

We need to have clarity around our boundaries:

  • Type A Women in particular are putting way too much pressure on themselves.
  • Switching from “work” to “home” time but not switching our mode from work to spouse/parent.
  • No longer have the break in the car to drive home.

Using automation to help in our lives:

  • Meal plan using the crockpot or InstantPot to make life easier.
  • Grocery store delivery.
  • It’s not more work to do a little planning – rather it makes a difference to improve healthy lifestyle.

The food dilemma:

  • Oils in fast food is hard for our bodies to process.
  • Combination of fats, starch, and oils that our bodies don’t know how to process (but it tastes so good – darn!).
  • It seems faster and easier to get fast food, but actually it isn’t faster in the long run.

There are so many more great nuggets of wisdom in this interview. Check out the interview on LinkedIn or on YouTube.

In the end, don’t ignore the fact that you likely need help with taking care of your health. So, reach out to Heather for ideas on how to be a healthier leader. Your body, your family, your team will thank you for the effort!

Bio on guest:

Heather Dumas is a healthy lifestyle strategist, passionate about helping Type-A executive women who feel powerless and disconnected from their bodies, reclaim their power by understanding their bodies and implementing simple lifestyle changes so that they look and feel like the badasses they are. She has been featured on podcasts and stages worldwide and is the #1 bestselling author of 4 cookbooks and a keynote speaker. She offers a simple, easy-to-execute method for creating and sustaining a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing career success or relationships.

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