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Update your hairstyle, guys!

I know that I’m not a hair styling nor a barber, but I do know A LOT about personal brand. If it’s your clothes, accessories, shoes, or hairstyle that is out of synch with your personal brand, you aren’t going to feel as comfortable and confident at work. But, if you take some time to evaluate how your want your personal brand to be perceived and then aim to align your wardrobe and hair style with your personal brand, you’ll find that you’re more in synch and more confident!

I promise that aligning your personal style with your personal brand will make a difference. This happened for me about 8 years ago. I had started my own consulting company yet was still wearing the same old clothes and had the same hair style. As providence would have it, I met a great stylist who helped me improve my wardrobe and then she also recommended that I get my hairstyle evaluated. I met with a hair stylist and that started me off on a cycle of improving my look – through better hair cut and color – which helped me to grow in my confidence. 


Ladies, stay up to date with hairstyles

As you’re looking to strengthen your personal brand, evaluate how your hairdo is complimenting or detracting from how you want people to perceive you. Even though I’m not a stylist, I have observed many people whose hair styles are not attractive and certainly don’t match their personal brand.


To update and improve your hair style, talk to a stylist… and I’m not talking about the cheap hair cut lady at the local Hair Chop Shop, I’m talking about a real stylist that has a good book of business. Look at cut and color and how you can make sure that you’re not stuck in the past. I know we are often creatures of habit, but keeping your haircut up to date is a wonderful way to stay fresh and on pointe with your personal brand.

Career challenge: Schedule a hair appointment with a hair stylist and get some ideas on what you can do to improve your hairdo.