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Hack your Recruiting Biases with guest Robert Merrill


surround yourself with the RIGHT talent

Join me and recruiting expert, Robert Merrill, as we delve into and the hack the biases that we each bring into the recruiting process. As a leader, surrounding yourself with the RIGHT talent can really make or break the success of the team and the company. But, also as a leader, take the opportunity to grow your leadership skills in how you’re evaluating the talent to join your team.

This conversation with Robert Merrill is spot on – very worth your time as a leader to understand and unlock your own recruiting biases. You can watch the entire interview here on this LinkedIn Live Event, or the audio has been split up into three parts for the podcast below.

In Part One of this 3-part podcast, we cover the following:

* The current state of recruiting and how it has changed over the years.
* How important it is to build your team from a place of trust
* And how beneficial it is to build a strong network as you might end up recruiting from the network down the road.

In Part Two, we cover the following:

* Starting with the end in mind when recruiting
* Having a concise job description
* How important it is to look for a balance of knowledge, skills, and abilities when hiring
* What a typical recruiting process should be at its core and
* Recognizing and addressing emotional biases in the hiring process

In Part Three of the podcast, we cover the following:

* The dangers of hiring off of gut feelings
* The Recruiter’s Manifesto and how the recruiting process works best when it is a beneficial partnership for the candidates, recruiters, and companies alike.
* The need for compassion in the workplace
* And recognizing and respecting the fact that taking on a job is one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life.

Bio on Robert Merrill:

Robert has been in the recruiting industry since 2005 and he is passionate about the value that good recruiting can bring to companies but especially people who deserve high paying and meaningful work.

He founded ConnectedWell in 2018 with the mission to help companies solve not only hiring challenges, but improve their talent acquisition processes from A-Z, enabling companies to hire more efficiently, with less bias and more inclusion, as well as providing candidates with an excellent experience and onboarding to set them up for the highest success.

Robert is passionate about what he calls “Hiring Made Human” which touches on the idea that we should never forget the person involved at each step of the recruiting process. The hiring manager, the interviewers, and the candidates are all humans with desires and dreams. In this world of tech and automation, we should never automate human connection. The more we can connect with and truly see each other in the process, Robert believes, we will naturally level up our talent acquisition abilities and be better off ourselves for it.

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