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February always makes me think of love, Valentine’s Day, cupid and his cute little arrow. I have plans for a fun family Valentine’s Dinner date… the heart shaped pasta is going to be a hit for sure!

While thinking of how I can sprinkle a little extra love on my family, I also think about how we can share the love with our employees. In fact, I recently took one of my team members out to breakfast as a thank you for all the hard work she does to help me and the team. I gave her a small gift for her as well. All-in-all, this was about $30 which is well worth it because she gives way more to me and the team!

Show love to your team members.

As you’re thinking about how to show gratitude to your team members, here are some ideas:

  • Hand written thank you notes are awesome to quickly connecting and expressing specific gratitude.
  • Take into consideration their individual interests and hobbies.
  • Team play date to laser tag.
  • Chips and salsa in your office for the whole team, or just that one person on the team who loves chips and salsa as much as you do (or whatever snack of choice).
  • Gift card for movie theater so that they can take their sweetheart out for a date.
  • Go to lunch individually and only tell them all the wonderful ways that he/she impacts the team.
  • Buy them some really cool office swag items for their work space – especially if they are interested in something specific like a sports team or movie super hero.

There are a lot of ways that you can show your gratitude for your people. Focus on their individual interests and keep your gratitude sincere and specific. How can you show love and gratitude to your team members? Make a note in the comments below.