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It’s two weeks into the new year already?! You might already be a little flustered with your lack of focus on your career goals. It’s ok. It happens to us all. Don’t feel like you have to wait until a whole new year to get started again. You can re-start today. I find it’s better to get going again now, then not at all.

If you need some help with getting your career goals in line, I am now offering one-off coaching sessions, whereas in the past my clients only engaged with me in monthly and longer coaching programs. These one-off coaching sessions are a helpful conversation to make sure you are on target and focused on doing what you need to do TODAY to have more success in your career.

Use this link to pay for the career coaching session and then you’ll be redirected to a link to schedule a time to talk. In your coaching session, you can access my nearly 20 years of career development experience.

I’m here. Let’s talk. Let’s get your career back on track to hit your goals this year!